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Henderson-Hughes Health Partners H3P started as a result of the founder, Venus Henderson-Hughes', mother being  rejected admittance into a hospice treatment facility. Her mother was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer at age 49. Her health, quickly declining, she needed to be admitted into hospice care. Given the medical benefits she had, the process would not lead her to hospice care, but in home care with a hospice nurse. Have you ever witnessed your loved one in extreme pain and felt helpless? That was how Venus felt. After days and weeks and phone calls, advocating for her sick mother; fumbling her way through an unfamiliar process, she got the results she needed for her mother to live her final days as peacefully as possible. This was one of the pivotal experiences that lead Venus to begin advocating on behalf of other families with great health concerns and little knowledge. This extends beyond helping the ill, but also preserving the healthy.

Our Programs

Teens Educated Against Sexual Endeavors  

T.E.A.S.E. [Teens Educated Against Sexual Endeavors] was developed to reduce pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases among teens. Various media sources and discussion forums are used to educate and improve teen and parental knowledge of sexual health. After the workshop, H3P tests all participants, the teens and the parents on the information that was shared. We also celebrate their sexual health knowledge to promote continuing education.

H3P Senior Initiative

H3P Senior Initiative is for seniors aged 60 and above. We developed this program to reduce the rate of sexually transmitted disease among the senior population. Workshops and discussion panels, made up of nurses, doctors, and pharmacists, are facilitated to answer any questions around healthy sexual practices. This program also helps seniors fill out insurance forms, answer prescription related questions, and understand any specific health concerns they may have. H3P inspires and encourage seniors to reach out to get necessary medical information and assistance, while becoming self-sufficient in taking care of their overall health care needs.

Young Grandparents Observing Understanding Nurturing Grandchildren

Young grandparents, Observing, Understanding, Nurturing, Grandchildren (Y.O.U.N.G) is a mobile program is designed for grandparents age 25 through age 54 but is open to all kinship families. The areas of focus are Decision to raise grandchildren, Kinship Foster Care, Grandparent Stipend, Foster Care Licensing, Adoption vs Guardianship and much more.