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Back to school

I remember when my daughters were in school and how before the end of summer I knew when school was going to start. Every year there was a school shopping schedule for clothes and school supplies. This tradition went on every year without fail up to my youngest daughter's sophomore year of high school.

Everything changed in the 2013-2014 school year. Our grandsons moved in and here were these two dependent children moving into a independent household. Self sufficiency was a way of life and now we had to clean and feed children. To make matters worse we were required to place the boys into daycare so they could learn how to socialize with other children. When the girls were young, we didn't have to use daycare because our work schedules always had a parent home. I will admit I did try the daycare experience with my youngest daughter but I didn't like the leaving her with strangers. We eventually found a daycare center that we felt would work well with and for the boys. Just when we got settled in the daycare routine along came the news that my oldest grandson would start preschool. Seriously, I hadn't gotten use to daycare and now here comes preschool. The youngest grandson would begin at home preschool. When does the madness stop?

Thankfully, through the help of agencies we had help with getting school supplies and clothes for the boys. We would receive this help for 3 years and all the crazy that came with having dependent children subsided. The new school year begins on August 9, 2017 and we are NOT prepared. No school shopping for clothes or supplies has been done. It was my hope that when the boys transitioned from being our grandsons to being our sons we would have the routine down and even possibly be ahead of the game not this year but there's always next year 😊

Venus Henderson Hughes