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End of the Road...


April 24, 2014 my husband and I became foster parents to our 2 grandsons. We had no idea when we said yes that our journey would take us two plus years to resolve and along the way add another grandchild to our lives. When I think about the journey I can honestly say at times we truly wanted to give up because we felt like we were not equipped to care for these children. As time continued on we became determined to see our journey through to the end. Our end in our minds was the children being returned to their mother and our lives would return to our former way of life. One of simplicity, peace, and quiet.

From now on simplicity, peace, and quite will visit us from time to time but not have a permanent residence with us. It took some getting use to but we have adjusted to our new normal. We went from a independent child to three dependent children in just a year. Doctors', urgent cares and hospital visits are now a part of our lives not mention physical and speech therapies as well as other community agencies. 

October 31, 2016 is the day our family changes for the better. It is also a bittersweet day. Our adoption day. We are adopting all three of our grandchildren. We end that part of our lives as their grandparents and start being their parents. We are happy that we can be there for our grandchildren but also to help them to become wonderful responsible members of the community.

Our kinship foster care journey blog will end on October 31st. November 1, 2016 begins our new blog begins. It will speak about our adoption experience starting with the courtroom and end some time later down the line.

Thank you so much for taking time out to read our blog! 

Venus Henderson Hughes