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About H3P

Henderson-Hughes Health Partners (H3P) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization with health advocacy, health literacy, health consulting at its core. H3P was incorporated in November 2012. H3P's passion is to educate the community on public health matters and the healthcare industry enabling the community to make informed health decisions. There are 3 mobile services that H3P provides to the state of Arizona and beyond. Which include: Teens Educated Against Sexual Endeavors (T.E.A.S.E.), H3P Senior Initiative, and Young grandparents, Observing, Understanding, Nurturing, Grandchildren (Y.O.U.N.G).


The mission of H3P is to stamp out health illiteracy by educating the community on public health matters and the health care industry. This is achieved through our social media posts, blogs, radio show, workshops, community outreaches and one on one consultations. Breaking down barriers in health care so that all people receive quality healthcare regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, sexual identification, disability, languages spoken, country of origin, color or economic status.



Venus Hen


Venus Henderson-Hughes

My name is Venus Henderson-Hughes. I am the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Henderson-Hughes Health Partners (H3P). I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. Married to my wonderful husband, Christopher Hughes, for over 2 decades, we have had our share of experiences. Including parenting two daughters and 4 grand children, of which 3, we've adopted. I am passionate about helping people in need. My heart overflows with compassion when I see or hear others in need of anything. So in addition to serving through my organization through health fairs and expos, I've served the homeless population with food, drinks & toiletries; and homeless facilities with educational materials and cleaning supplies. It is my mission to fill not just the heart of others with love, but their needs with tangible resources.



Master of Public Health, 2012

M.B.A. in Healthcare Management, 2005


  •  Certified Licensed Pharmacy Technician
  • Served over 1000 families
  • 100's of Healthcare packages sent nationwide


President of Operations

Regina Henderson-Hughes

Regina, a great asset to the organization, is responsible for the administrative workings within H3P. She is also an advocate for teen sexual health, realizing the necessity and urgency in the topic, she shares a youthful, yet wise perspective that connects with the millennials. In addition, she is the Public Relations representative of the organization, handling all media inquiries. 



Mesa Community College
Studying Astronomy